EU Referendum

I have just researched Google to find the advantages that the UK has for its membership of the EU. Sites were difficult to find. The best arguments came from – United Kingdom. There is a site this is dated and 2007 and looks like a Gordon Brown fudge. There is also a treasury site of April 2005. The Europa site made a good fist of finding reasons to belong to the EU, but whether £50,000,000 a day value is a matter for the readers judgement. As most people know, the government is not prepared to do a cost benefit analysis of EU membership at present

The Europhiles seem to keep a low profile. Very few blogs, very few features in the press informing the public of the benefits of EU membership. Few high profile business leaders announce their views on the European venture. The Eurosceptics must identify the opinion formers who are going to use their influence to oppose the UK leaving the EU. All these people either don’t exist or keeping their powder dry. Of course there may be opinion formers in the Eurosceptic fold who  keep a low profile.

The Eurosceptics should assume that there will be a referendum. At present they have no leverage regarding the time and the date or the question asked. Assume the referendum could be called at any time with a poll in three weeks. Say all political parties advise a vote for the status quo, the Eurosceptics will be left stranded, not knowing who their enemies or allies are and they will also be underfunded.

Start planning a fund to support an out vote in a referendum, plan the publicity campaign. Identify business leaders in support. Assume those who don’t support, wish to stay in. Don’t push for the referendum until all preparations are made. Remember the referendum is not the objective, WINNING the referendum is the objective. The only way to win is organisation.

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